Welcome New Oak Hill School Interns!




Oak Hill School welcomes 12 UCONN nursing students that that will be rotating throughout our classrooms during the Summer.

Additionally, via our partnership with Springfield College, an Occupational Therapy intern will be completing her field work with us and working very closely with Lee Rizzuto, our Occupational Therapist.

Brittany intern at OHS

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Brittany Drawhorn and Georgie Lartey from
University of Hartford.

Brittany will be interning with us for the next year and a half.
Nine years ago, while a sophomore at the University of Hartford, Brittany (31 years old) and three of her friends were in a car accident on Avon Mountain.

Brittany lost one of her close friends and suffered what doctors said was “irreparable damage to her physical and executive motors.” Brittany now communicates verbally and with an assistive device, Nu-Point technology (Google glasses.)

Brittany has a teaching assistant, Georgie. The dynamic duo have been together now for four years. Brittany says “Georgie has helped me prove to the world that I can make it!”  Brittany is in her Senior year and set to graduate in May 2020 with her degree in Psychology. She then plans on pursuing her Masters. She is also the recipient of two awards from the University, one in Leadership and the other in Leadership and Academics.

Her motto is “perseverance conquers difficulties.” She will be assisting the school and the organization in various roles during her time here. She will be at the school Wednesday-Friday between 10 am – 3 pm. Brittany and Georgie can be reached via email at Brittany.Drawhorn@oakhillct.org and Georgie.Lartey@oakhillct.org.

Welcome Oak Hill School, interns!