Enrollment Process

We accept referrals from public school districts for students that would benefit from our program.

  • Oak Hill School enrollment is open during COVID-19.
  • Oak Hill School has an “open door policy” and welcomes visitors.
  • Oak Hill School accepts students that are referred by school districts.
  • Oak Hill School team will review the referral material sent by the school district, including the student’s current Individualized Education Program, (IEP).  Based on the student’s IEP and other paperwork submitted as well as observations, the team determines if the student will benefit from the Oak Hill School.
  • The parents, guardians, and students are thoroughly informed of all aspects of the Oak Hill School program and are encouraged to make a site visit and to ask questions in order to decide if placement would be appropriate.
  • Prior to the official placement, the Oak Hill School team participates in a PPT chaired by the local school district to develop, review or modify the student’s current IEP. This is considered the intake PPT.

Questions about enrollment, contact us at 860.769.3891 or email attendoakhillschool@Oakhillct.org .