students learning virtually in Avon classroomThe Oak Hill classroom in Avon, CT currently serves students with multiples disabilities. Avon has both an elementary classroom setting serving students ages 3-14 and a secondary classroom setting serving students ages 14-22. However, students in both settings team up for various educational exercises throughout the day. Students here have a unique opportunity to attend history/science classes with their peers in the Montessori school located within the same school building. The classroom also engages in the opportunity to gain valuable experience within the local community, making frequent visits to the bakery, library and grocery store.

avon classroom students doing an activityStudents in the Avon Oak Hill elementary classroom are working towards communication skills and transitions throughout the school day.  Students in the secondary classroom engage in assistive technology to enhance their skills. The majority of secondary students participate in MOVE-a program that helps students gain greater physical independence in functional settings throughout the school day.


Both classrooms use the Unique Learning Curriculum, which gives students access to the general education curriculum.

Classroom Location & Contacts:
150 Fisher Drive, Avon, CT, 06001