student making face masks on printing pressThe Transition program is a Two-Path model, School to Independent Living Path and School to Work Path, where young adults are supported to gain work and independent living skills within functional, meaningful, vocational activities and are provided with behavioral, clinical, and therapeutic supports. This program focuses on unique strategies to enable each young adult to achieve the maximum possible independence in working, living, and participating in the community as adults.

Oak Hill School Educational Model incorporates academic instruction, communication, life skills, vocational, and community skills based on Individual Education Program (IEPs) with the ultimate goal for young adults to demonstrate growth and development of learned skills and to generalize these skills to other less restrictive settings in their life and work communities. The program also includes training, guidance and support for families as they navigate the transition from IDEA to adult programming.  The transition program is individualized and IEP driven, offering up to 249 days per year, 9 am – 3 pm, Monday – Friday.

The School to Independent Living Path
This Path enables young adults to live independent, meaningful, productive lives, have the opportunity to have relationships, and to give back to the community.  The focus of programming is to increase each students’ independence.  The School to Independent Living Path focuses on the student’s ability to perform, with as little assistance as possible, all activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, self-care, house hold management, recreation, etc.  An individualized program is developed based on an assessment of needs, incorporating both low- and high-tech assistive technology.

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills includes all activities and skills that students and adults require to attain the highest possible quality of life and independence:

  • Hygiene care
  • Self-Care
  • Mealtimes routines and/or cooking
  • Household management
  • Recreation
  • Cleaning
  • Access community resources

Students engage in real-life independent living activities within an authentic context to increase skills, these activities include.


The Independent Living Skills Path is designed as a framework that allows for individualized programming to offer a benefit to all students.  Therefore, all students are able to participate at their level, as each task is differentiated to meet the students learning needs.  For example, on a community trip a student may be able to place items in a shopping cart, while another student may be paying the cashier for the items.


All students learn at different speeds, and learning does not stop after graduation.  After graduation students on this Path will have attained the highest possible level of independence in all aspects of their daily lives.  Students will increase their ability to access community resources, develop and maintain relationships, and live independently.

student holding finished mask productThe School to Work Path

The School to Work Path focuses on the student’s ability to enter and be successful in the workplace upon graduation.  The goal of the program ranges from partial supported employment through full-time employment in the competitive job market.  An individualized program is developed that includes career counseling activities guided by IEP goals and objectives and both school-based and community based vocational training opportunities.

Work Programs

This Path provides students with authentic workplace experiences and vocational training.  An interest inventory is used to inform the development of the program.  Based on student preferences, real-life vocational opportunities are incorporated with classroom based vocational opportunities and career counseling activities.

  Real-life Vocational Opportunities:

  • Community Delivery tasks
  • Collaboration with local businesses
  • Automotive Field
  • Volunteering

Classroom-Based Vocational Opportunities:

  • Oak Roast Café
  • Art Works!
  • Oak Hill Print Shop
  • Groundskeeping and Farming

Career Counseling Activities:

  • Resume writing
  • Job interview
  • Connecting with DDS
  • Connecting with DORS Level-Up
  • Connecting with American Job Center


Students who are looking forward to enter the workforce at a competitive or near-competitive level but require additional support to make this goal happen.  Research shows that there is positive association between high school work and employment earnings a few years later.

student singing Outcomes

All students learn at different speeds, and learning does not stop after graduation.  After graduation students on this Path will have attained the highest possible level of independence in finding and securing meaningful employment and work opportunities.  Students will increase their ability to search for jobs, create and maintain resumes and cover letters, and be successful at their job.


Satellite Locations:

  • Bristol
  • Hartford
  • Hebron
  • New Britain