Oak Hill School Program Overview

teacher and student on computer Oak Hill School offers a 12-month community-based education program. The school program serves students with moderate to severe disabilities from ages 3 to 22 including autism, emotional disabilities, behavioral challenges, and students with multiple disabilities.

Each student receives a highly specialized program emphasizing skill development in the areas of: academics, daily living skills, fine and gross motor development, communication, community participation, social skills, and self-advocacy.

student making lemonade Secondary school students also develop transition skills, including employment, post-secondary/vocational education and training, independent living, and self-help skills within community-based jobs and instruction. Instructional methodology is data and evidence driven. Instruction is based on Common Core State Standards taught through functional meaningful activities, ensuring generalization of skills and movement towards independent learning.

student with dolphinA trans-disciplinary approach is used to design a program that is individualized to each student’s needs and geared to teach new skills. Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech and Language Pathologist, and Behavioral Specialists, serve to ensure direct and integrated services based on a student’s individual learning needs. Special Education Teachers, Therapists, Nurses, and Assistive Technology Specialists work collaboratively to design instruction using state of the art assistive technology to improve the teaching and learning process.

A trans-disciplinary team monitors progress using evidence based data to assess student learning and to target necessary instructional adjustments for learning. Integrated therapy consists of therapists working and teaching staff within the classroom environment. In this model recommendations are carried out throughout the day, every day. Direct therapy is provided whenever the need is there to ensure individual student progress.

student with teachers

Many of our classrooms are located in public school settings and provide students a unique integration experience. Residential students live in supervised community group homes. This model promotes the inclusion of Oak Hill students in the life of their school and their home communities.


Additional program components that benefit students’ learning and progress that are provided through the program are:

  • Art therapy and Expressive Arts
  • Clinical model: Attachment, Self-Regulation, Control (ARC), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Physical and Psychological Management Training (PMT)
  • Resources in all aspects of the program: auto-mechanics, yoga, music therapy, guitar lessons, arts, technology, culinary arts, robotics club, etc.
  • Focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM)
  • Coordinated services: psychiatric, optometry, counselling
  • Oak Hill Centers: Adaptive Sports & Fitness (Chapter 126), Assistive Technology (NEAT), Center for Relationship and Sexuality Education (CRSE), Camps and Recreation (Easterseals Camp Hemlocks & Oak Hill Camp.) 


We accept referrals from public school districts for students that would benefit from our program.