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Related services are the supportive services necessary for students to help maximize their educational outcomes. At Oak Hill School, there are a number of related services available to our students. We have speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavior specialists, social workers, clinicians, nurses, and other specialty consultants available. The services each student receives are determined by the team (which includes the family and student) and include only services that enable the child to best access his or her education. Each child’s programming is individualized to best suit the needs of the student.

At Oak Hill School, we believe in a transdisciplinary approach. Our related services work in conjunction with the teacher and classroom to create an individualized program, goals, and interventions that take place in the classroom. There is frequent collaboration between team members, and specialists train classroom teachers and staff to carry out daily programs to best suit each student’s needs. We believe in an integrated approach – meaning students spend their time in the classroom, learning with their peers, focused on education. Integrated services utilize our students’ natural environment as an intervention context which allows for teaching functional and relevant skills. Therapists work with students in a variety of environments and provide input to teachers and other staff for teaching specific skills and in turn, this allows for greater carry-over of learned skills to the classroom and other environments

Our therapists focus on removing any barriers from our students’ abilities to learn, helping students develop skills which increase their independence in the school environment, and educating all staff about the different considerations required for our students. Everything we do with our students is educationally relevant and 100% functional. We examine and intervene to improve students’ abilities in school classrooms, hallways and other areas that may be part of their educational program (i.e., community areas and vocational settings). We collaborate with one another and with the team as a whole to create the best possible learning environment for our students.

School-based services can look a lot different from hospital, clinic, or home-based services, and students can often benefit from additional therapies outside of the school day. We encourage parents and families to seek outside clinical therapies when needed, and we remind families that school-based services are not intended to replace these clinical services.

Our therapists can be reached via our main office number at (860) 242-2274.

“I love working at Oak Hill School! Oak Hill students get the opportunity to learn real-life skills and grow in their independence. They make friends and learn how to be members of their community. Oak Hill helps all students increase their ability to communicate and become self-advocates.”

-Michael Champlin, Behavior Specialist


We accept referrals from public school districts for students that would benefit from our program.

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