Classrooms at Oak Hill School

students in classroom

Most of our classrooms are located within community environments allowing for best integration opportunities.

Many of our classrooms are located in public school settings and provide students a unique integration experience. This model promotes the inclusion of Oak Hill students in the life of their school and their home communities. Some residential students live in supervised community group homes.

Our classrooms are heterogeneous providing our students with exposure to a diverse population of students where they can learn from each other. Our programs are divided into Primary/Elementary classrooms and Secondary/Transition classrooms.

Oak Hill School Classroom Locations:
Haddam Killingworth (HK)
Hartford Primary
Hartford Secondary
New Hartford

“Our daughter is currently in transition classroom at Oak Hill School and previously in elementary and secondary. The staff everywhere is fantastic! Oak Hill School staff care and have great compassion for all of their students. You can tell that they truly love what they do and the passion with which they do it.”

— Andrea Zack, Parent

Promoting Creative Independence

Arts are very important in the development of leadership and advocacy skills. These skills are necessary for our students to function in their world as independently as possible.

Art & Expressive Therapies