student using smartboardThe Oak Hill Program at Ann Antolini Elementary School in New Hartford, CT currently serves students with multiple disabilities, ranging from ages 4 – 12 years old.  The students here have the unique opportunity to attend a public elementary school with their non-disabled peers while also receiving the comprehensive services available through Oak Hill School.  The children are an active part of the school community; using the cafeteria, gym, playground, attending school-wide concerts and exploring the library.

Katona using PianoFirst and foremost, each student at Antolini/Oak Hill works toward developing the ability to use his or her communication skills across all daily activities.  Students use objects, pictures, sign language, or augmentative communication devices as appropriate to their needs.  Our staff encourage and assist students to actively interact with others, express basic needs, make choices, and express opinions. Music therapy is also a large part of the curriculum at the New Hartford Classroom. Helping the students to express, learn and communicate through a variety of musical outlets.

Classroom Contacts & Location:
30 Antolini Rd, New Hartford, CT, 06057

Emily Carrin, Classroom Teacher