Alex taking coffee orderThe Bristol classroom includes students ages 15-21 who have multiple, intellectual, and/or behavioral disabilities.

The students receive highly individualized or small group instruction in Reading/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science; utilizing verbal communication, sign language, and/or communication devices.  Vocational opportunities and community outings include places such as the community library and the Oak Hill campus in Hartford.  Students also participate in the Oak Roast; a vocational program which provides students with the experience of running a small business.  The Students apply concepts, skills and processes from a variety of academic disciples, (mainly math and language arts) to solve practical and real-world problems.  Students will also engage their social skills, research skills, problem solving skills, communication and collaboration.

Activities of daily living are stressed, and independence and self-advocacy are developed through a variety of transition activities.

Classroom Location & Contacts:
47 Upson Street,
Bristol, CT 06010